Eaton Farm’s Roosters Getting Ready for Fall

Pumpkins have started to arrive…some good for baking and many for decorating even giant ones that will last the entire month after carving! We have our Fall veggies and Garlic galore in many different shapes, sizes, colors and tastes.

Pumpkin Roll Lady drops off pumpkin cake rolled around cream cheese frosting and is accepting household orders at the Farm from now until December 15th.

It’s all about Fall planning and Crafty Karen’s bringing in the Fall butter…Pink Banana Squash Butter, Applesauce, Hot Chocolate and more. For those of you who stopped at the Garlic Bar this year…pig candy will be available as of October 10th in a minimum of 3 flavors.
It’s getting cooler now, so Allen is delivering our Firewood. Call to reserve quickly as we expect to run out this season. Our Fresh Eggs from Burlington arrive weekly, so stop by and pick up this all natural goodness! We are bringing in different types of Apples for everyone to enjoy and cannot wait to finish our Sweet Potato harvesting.

We begin planting 2021 veggies and herbs including old favorites and new flavors of our Garlic and adding french red shallot bulbs too.

2021 is expected to begin early on the Farm as we are planting early turnip and carrots, bunching onions, beets and other tasty vegetables that enjoy cold and quickly sprout in the Spring.
Our Farmstand has lights, so it may be getting dark early, but we’re still open until 7:30pm most nights!

This months CSA will be abundant with many different winter squash varieties, magic string beans, Garlic, of course, and apples too!

We are welcoming Home School students from 4th Grade thru 12th Grade at the Farm. Students and parents will participate in our “Introduction to Agriculture ” program where they will begin learning about Organic soil preparation, Fall produce planting and over wintering methods for early spring harvests of Beets, Cabbage, Carrots, Onions, Turnips, Parsnips, Radishes, Broad Beans, Peas, Kale… as well as sampling the different tastes, and recording yields, when planted Fall vs Spring & Summer. October will include planting the Garlic and Shallots for late Spring & early Summer harvests.

We still have 8 slots left in our Home School Introduction to Agriculture Fall Course. Contact our Farm Manager Karin, at 860-284-8239 for details and scheduling.

We still have 7 slots open for our Garlic & Shallot Planting/Harvesting Barter Program. If you’d like a unique Date Day experience, family outing, or friend gathering outside, adheres to all Social Distancing protocols come play in the field at Eaton Farm.  Your Fall labor &/or love for Garlic/Shallots will earn a % of the Harvest. Make an event out of it by bringing friends and family together along with your favorite..snacks, drinks etc. You’ll learn about planting & raising what you plant and if you’d like to try some at your place, you’ll be able to purchase some seed garlic from us as well.  Contact Farm Manager, Karin @ 860-284-8239 for details & to schedule your groups slot.

And finally, this is the month to reseed lawns, so pick up your straw and topsoil from us or have us deliver it!