The ground is covered in red, yellow and gold while many leaves are hanging on to the branches. The farm is beautiful in the fall, usually characterized by cool, crisp mornings but this past week has had us stripping off the heavy  jackets and pulling on our shorts!  Here on the farm the return of warmer weather has made planting this year’s garlic crop an absolute pleasure. We are down to some new Softneck Organic varieties – if you’d like to join us in the field, we’d be glad to have you help us finish planting and prepping the beds before the return of the colder weather. If you would like to join us on Saturday 11/14 from 9:30AM to 3:30PM, call Karin at: 860-284-8239.

We are also looking for an experienced field worker to help Allen and Karin finish off 2020 and prepare for 2021. If anyone knows someone who may be interested, please have them contact Karin at the number above.

CSA News

This year’s CSA swelled to 45+ members! A big thank you to our new and returning members for a wonderful season. The CSA model helps make our small farm sustainable, builds community, and supports a tradition that has existed here since 1955. The town of Bristol has invited us back to participate in their “Thanksgiving Farmer’s Market” Saturday,  November 21st, so we’ll be bringing selections from the Farmstand and our winter squashes on the road one last time this year. Our last CSA distribution will be the Sunday before Thanksgiving – 11/22. If you ordered holiday baked goods, you can pick them up with your share on Wednesday the 23rd if you wish.  We have learned so much this year and will definitely be applying “Lessons Learned” for 2021. Be on the lookout for an end of year survey so we can get your feedback as we plan for the 2021 season.

Farmstand News

Our stand will officially close the Sunday after Thanksgiving 11/29.  But, fear not…we should have our online store open by then and you will be able to order farm fresh eggs, seasonings, jams, jellies, holiday baskets, our dried herbs, veggies and much more!  We will offer shipping, local delivery, or weekly pick-up at Karin’s Farm Office, just a short distance down the driveway on the right. 

Karin moving some firewood!

This year Eaton Farm has decided to introduce holiday gift baskets, stocking stuffers, and hostess or family farm tokens which you can have us ship or have ready for you to pick-up.  Place your order for one of our 4 standard baskets, or create your own by selecting items from our unique offerings.  If you’d like to personally make your holiday gift yourself,  and are looking for an “open-air” way to enjoy time with family, friends, or co-worker’s, gather a group & pick a date to “Build a Farm Basket” in our Greenhouse. Groups of 6-18 will easily fit around our long tables where you’ll be able to choose baskets (or bring your own) and create 1 or more personalized baskets to bring with you when you leave. As always, contact Karin for more information at 860-284-8239. 

As we transition to colder weather and prepare for the holidays, we are looking back at a great year, despite the challenges of covid-19 and a couple of crop failures, and are filled with gratitude for your support of our family farm. Have a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving – we will see you in the fields soon!