Eaton Farm has been a family owned and operated Farm since 1955. Our Farmstand is a seasonal one, open late-May through Thanksgiving. Firewood is available all year long and we also offer mulch, topsoil and straw. We start our vegetable plants in greenhouses in late-winter/early spring. Since 2019 we have been offering CSA shares and, starting this year, we will have an online store.

Our family farm has followed Biodynamic/Organic Agricultural growing practices since 1955. We are philosophically aligned with the tenets of organic agriculture, but mostly due to labor shortages, currently have not been able to complete the rigorous organic certification process. Along with our wide crop selection, we grow over 8 varieties of Garlic! (Yes there is a difference!) We also plant several types of “trial” crops each year to determine what flourishes in our soil and climate and to offer a wide selection to our members and customers.